About us

We are Ruth & Marco, a South Africa-Austrian couple that decided to start a Youtube Channel and share fun content about their life and the cultural differences.

A couple of years ago we matched on Bumble, met up just days later and immediately fell in love. Despite long-distance, Corona, lockdowns and other crazy stuff we moved to Vienna in 2020, got married and moved into a house in 2023.


Ruth was born in Cape Town, South Africa and moved to Munich as an Au-Pair in XXXX. She moved on to work in Amsterdam and later wanted to study in Vienna, where she fell in love with an Austrian guy and his blue eyes. Although becoming more and more Austrian, she still can’t come to terms with some cultural differences.


Marco was born in Vienna and had never left Europe before. The only reason he landed a woman like Ruth is due to his fluency in English, with an acceptable amount of accent. He tries to learn Afrikaans and as much as possible about South Africa – while also teaching his wife the weirdest Austrian phrases possible.

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